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Portal into Spotify Island on Roblox and Let Your K-Park Adventure Begin

Step into the metaverse. Go on K‑Pop quests, become a K-producer, and even interact with idols in Spotify Island’s K-Park.

What’s better than Roblox? Roblox with K-Pop, of course! 

Your adventure begins at Roblox’s Spotify Island. This virtual archipelago is where you can collect neon hearts and trade them for points to help you climb to the top of The Charts. It’s also where you can hop between the different music-themed spaces, including the new K-Park.

K-Park is a whimsical wonderland in the realm of Spotify Island that centres around all things K-Pop. Here, you can parkour your way through themed quests to unlock badges, collect emotes, and attend virtual meet-and-greets with your favourite K-Pop idols on Artist Islands.

Right now SUNMI is waiting to hang out with you, and soon you’ll also get to meet Stray Kids.

Dress your Roblox avatar in the coolest outfits – we can’t stop admiring our SUNMI Butterfly Wings – then head over to the K-Pop-themed café to enjoy some Boong Uh Bbang (the popular K-snack red bean-filled fish-shaped bread), Patbingsu (a sweet shaved ice treat topped with red bean), and the infamous Dalgona coffee.

You can also shop for exclusive K-Park merch for artists to sign at meet-and-greets. 

And what’s a K-Pop-themed island without music? Channel a producer-idol, Stray Kids’ 3RACHA comes to mind, and have a go at creating your own K-Pop beats courtesy of Soundtrap, a Spotify music creation tool.

Whether you’re a K-Pop stan, Roblox fan, or just a curious cat, this is one virtual destination you don’t want to miss. And of course, as you explore, keep the music going with this K-Park x Roblox playlist.