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JISOO blooms with the release of her solo debut single album, ME

With All Eyes On JISOO as she makes her long-awaited solo debut, we sat down with the BLACKPINK member to learn more about JISOO the soloist.

JISOO needs no introduction. Since she made her debut with BLACKPINK back in August 2016, she has grown to become one of the most celebrated singers in K-Pop. 

From her vocals that are as powerful as they are hypnotising, to delivering epic performances onstage alongside JENNIE, LISA, and ROSÉ – JISOO has been winning fans over from across the globe. 

But while we’ve all come to know and love JISOO of BLACKPINK, it’s finally time to get to know JISOO the soloist as she brings BLINKs her highly anticipated solo debut single album, ME. 

Between the dreamy and sophisticated earworm that is the title song, FLOWER, and the mood-boosting B-side track All Eyes On Me, JISOO’s vocals take centre stage in both dance tracks that had us bopping along. And we’re loving what we hear! In fact, both songs broke through to Spotify’s Global Daily Top Songs chart the day of its release, and FLOWER has amassed over 11.3m streams on the platform to date. 

In an interview with Spotify, we caught up with JISOO, who shared more about ME and the making of her first single album. Here are three things you should know. 

#1 ME blooms with JISOO’s unique colors

JISOO: I thought really hard about what I can present new as a solo artist, something that I’ve not shown yet as BLACKPINK.

I wondered what soloist JISOO’s charms are. And this album is like an answer, full of JISOO’s unique colors. 

I wanted to fill it with things BLINK would like, and I wanted to create an album that I could be satisfied with. It’s an album all about JISOO, so I hope the fans who’ve waited a long time will be happy when they receive my solo album. 

#2 The solo album came to life while JISOO was on the BLACKPINK BORN PINK World Tour

JISOO: Since I prepared the album while on tour with the members, when I had a hard time choosing or figuring out something, they helped me a lot in making decisions and gave me suggestions. So I was really thankful. 

Since our members have all experienced their own solo projects before me, as my predecessors they gave me tips. So I was able to prepare well despite my busy schedule. 

#3 There’s an easter egg for BLINKS 

JISOO: This is something I hope the fans will notice. During the jacket shoot, there was a concept with a very large red flower. When I saw the photos later, I really liked the hair and makeup style. 

So, there’s a scene in the music video with the same hair and makeup style. I believe that if you are our BLINK, you’ll be able to find it. So please keep an eye on it! 

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