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BTS’s Jung Kook Makes His Solo Debut with Seven

With its addictive melody, you’ll be grooving along to Seven… every day, every hour, every minute and every second.

Not only is BTS one of the biggest groups globally, but each member is just as accomplished as a solo artist too.

Just look at BTS’s youngest member, Jung Kook. He has over 17 million monthly listeners on Spotify and achieved 1 billion streams on the platform before even making an official solo debut. 

A Song For Every Day Of The Week

With Seven, Jung Kook joins his hyungs (Korean for older brother), becoming the sixth BTS member to debut as a solo artist. In his own words, Seven (feat. Latto) is an addictive Summer song that provides the perfect soundtrack to exercising, driving or even hanging out with friends.

In fact, the BTS main vocalist also shared that he felt compelled to do the song when he first heard it.

“I liked it the moment I heard it”

– Jung Kook

And it’s not surprising especially when the song has singer-songwriter-producer Andrew Watt behind it – Watt has also worked with artists like Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, Shawn Mendes, and Miley Cyrus.

After weeks of teasers, the song had an astronomical debut: Seven topped Spotify’s Top Songs Global chart on its day of release, becoming the chart’s highest new entry on July 14, 2023. But that’s not all. Globally, Seven (Explicit ver) garnered over 15.9 million streams on its first day and has gained over 52 million streams to date on Spotify. 

In an interview with Spotify, Jung Kook tells all about his creation process, the first person he shared his new song with, and the message he wishes to convey to ARMYs (BTS fans) and more.

Q: Who was the first person you shared Seven with?

A: Taehyung hyung (BTS’s V). I played it for him first after recording it. We send each other songs when we create them. But he doesn’t have the same taste in music as me. Taehyung likes calm music and cool ones.

Q: How did you get to collaborate with American rapper, Latto? Tell us the story behind it.

A: When I listened to the song, there were a few artists that popped into my head. But I thought Latto would do the best job. So I asked if she could feature on it, and she said yes without hesitation. It must’ve been hard to do it and also shoot the music video, but she accepted all of our requests. Our voices sound good together. So thank you, Latto.

Q: Did you think of your favorite season of the year while working on Seven? And if not, what is your favorite season?

A: My favorite season? It’s winter. But I’ve grown to like summer because Seven is a summer song.

Q: The way you recorded the different chords in the song sounds very layered. Did you learn how to create music before this?

A: No, I never learnt about it. I used to do that [on my own] since I was young. It was similar to writing melodies. So I just did it and it worked out.

Q: What part of Seven do you want ARMYs to focus on while listening to it?

A: “Every hour, every minute, every second..” This part sounds nice.

Q: When you’re working on a new song, which comes first – the melody or the lyrics?

A: I compose the melody first. I don’t write lyrics much. I always view the world realistically. I believe that getting help from experts is more beneficial. [In my opinion] the melody is the color of the artist. So when I get great songs like Seven, I’d say “thank you” and take it.

Q: What is one moment where you need music in your life?

A: When I’m working out. I don’t have enough energy without music.

Q: What’s the difference between Jeon Jung Kook and JK?

A: There’s none. I don’t separate myself. I’m me!

Q: What’s your advice for ARMYs who might be feeling exhausted?

A: I get quite exhausted [at times too]. But I think about the reasons that I’m living for and it helps me get back on track. Once you realize that you are sleeping and eating well, your mental health will get better. Also, I hope that my song, Seven, will be able to help bring energy to you [when you’re feeling tired].

Q: Lastly, what is the message you would like to deliver through Seven?

A: When people listen to Seven, I want it to become memorable. It’s my first [official] single album and my first solo album. When I released the song, I didn’t feel completely lighthearted. But I want ARMYs to listen to it with a light heart.

I would like to tell ARMYs that I’ll keep working on solo albums. This first song is a good one. So I hope they’ll listen to it a lot. And I’ll keep making good songs. That’s the message I want to deliver.

Watch the interview teaser here, and be sure to head to Spotify’s K-Pop ON! video podcast channel to watch the full video, and more videos featuring the star of Seven. 


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