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Stray Kids Dropped Their New Studio Album, And It’s A 5-STAR Sonic Treat

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Stray Kids might have just wrapped up their MANIAC world tour, but that didn’t stop Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. from working on their next music release. 

And now, just months after their last comeback, SKZ-REPLAY, the boys are back with their third full studio album, 5-STAR. Comprising 12 tracks that delve into multiple music genres, the album is yet another masterpiece from the group and a showcase of their artistic brilliance and growth. 

In an interview with Spotify, we sat down with the boys to talk about 5-STAR, the making of the album and what they’d hoped it’d bring to their beloved STAY. Here are three things you need to know. 

#1 They poured their soul into 5-STAR 

For those unacquainted, Stray Kids has built a reputation for producing their own songs, and 5-STAR is no exception. 3Racha, the group’s production team comprising Bang Chan, Changbin and Han, wrote and produced all of the songs on the album alongside contributors including Felix. 

“We gritted our teeth and even our gums for this album,” said Bang Chan.      

“I kind of want to establish our identity, (and) show them what Stray Kids are made of. We deeply thought about what STAY wanted to see from Stray Kids. This album was created with such a thought process,” said Changbin, who also hopes fans will think that “Stray Kids nailed it this time!” 

#2 The album ventures into uncharted sonic territory 

From the high-powered sounds of S-Class, to the Hip-Hop beat of Super Bowl, and the summery bright vibes of DLC – Stray Kids have once again made it clear that they’re not afraid to expand their musical repertoire. 

In fact, when asked about how satisfied their fans will be when they hear the title track, S-Class, Seungmin shared that an immediate reaction might be, “What is this song?”

While Felix said that he doesn’t think they’ll “be able to satisfy everybody” with the track, Seungmin added that “there are many elements here and there that STAY will like.”  

#3 We asked them to review the album in a phrase 

Seungmin: You either never listened to it, or can’t stop listening to it.

I.N.: The album I treasure the most.

Han: Songs that express Stray Kids 100%. An album I poured my soul into.

Hyunjin: An extraordinary album living up to its name, (5-STAR). 

Changbin: You won’t regret it once you hear the songs on Spotify. 

Bang Chan: I always say don’t expect too much, but this album is worth the expectation. 

Felix: We prepared hard for (5-STAR). Please listen and show us your support. 

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