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From Go-To Songs To Must-Have Foods, This Is How ITZY Stays “ON”

Who loves Justin Bieber’s voice? Who loves spicy foods? And what keeps them turned “ON”? ITZY spills the tea.

Join us as we celebrate the K-Pop movement with artists, SEVENTEEN, B.I, and ITZY. In our latest global campaign, we’ve transported these artists into their own magical K-Pop dreamscapes — and we’re inviting you along for the ride.

On set, we steal time with the girls, fresh off the promotions for their recent comeback, CHECKMATE, to find out what they’re listening to, who they would love to collaborate with and what K-foods they would recommend to global MIDZYs (ITZY fans).

Catch up with ITZY

What’s your favourite song from your Spotify playlist?

Yuna: I created my own “This is ITZY” playlist and my favourite song on it is Be In Love.

What’s your go-to song these days?

Ryujin: When She Loved Me from the Toy Story 2 OST. I particularly like listening to it on a cool Summer night.

Yuna: I’ve been listening to really loud hip-hop songs recently.

Yeji: NAYEON’s POP! We did the dance challenge with her for this song too.

Ryujin: There’s also NO PROBLEM (from NAYEON’s debut album) as well.

Who’s an artist you would like to work with?

Chaeryeong: Justin Bieber!

Lia: His song, Baby, was such a massive hit when we were growing up. He’s such a huge star and great role model for us to look up to.

Yeji: We like him (as an artist) a lot.

Chaeryeong: We love his voice, his singing and his dancing. 

What comes to mind when you hear the word “ON”?

Chaeryeong: Going on stage.

Yuna: Like going on and off stage. There’s a clear distinction between being “on” and “off.” When I’m “on,” I kinda feel more alive and am full of energy. When I’m “off”, I’m very chilled.

Yeji: When I’m “off, I don’t apply this much makeup. It’s not that I’m saying that we don’t look good without makeup, but I think I prefer the way we look with makeup.

What do you do to feel “ON”?

Chaeryeong: Taking a bath, then going to lie down in a cooled room.

Lia: For me, it’s taking a bath, switching on the air-conditioner in my room, setting up my Bluetooth speaker and listening to Jeremy Zucker songs as I fall asleep at night.

What’s your favourite post-performance food? 

Yeji: We sweat a lot when we perform, so I prefer to eat something spicy. These days, I’ve been craving for Mala Xiang Guo, but I haven’t had the chance to have it yet.

Yuna: I like desserts. After a performance, our sugar levels are quite low, so I need to replenish mine with chocolate or something really sweet.

Lia: I like having really cold sparkling drinks. There’s one that’s pineapple flavoured, which is my current must-have. But I don’t have it immediately after I finish a performance. I like to head home first, take a shower and then have it before I go to sleep.

What Korean dish would you recommend to global MIDZYs?

All: Tteokbokki (Korean rice cake), kimchi fried rice, and grilled pork belly.

Chaeryeong: Actually all Korean food is yummy to eat.

Yuna: I would especially like to recommend Samyang’s spicy ramyeon. Even though it’s really spicy, I like having it because it makes me all hot and sweaty, and helps relieve all my stress. You should try having some spicy foods next time you’re stressed too.

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