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SEVENTEEN Amps Up The Attitude With “FML” Their Latest Comeback

Back with their 10th mini album, FML, SEVENTEEN is ready to prove that they have what it takes to overcome any struggle on the road ahead.

SEVENTEEN has been busy. 

Within 2022, the group released their fourth full album, Face the Sun in May 2022, and its repackaged album SECTOR 17, in July 2022. The group also embarked on their global BE THE SUN tour, visiting multiple cities from Vancouver and Washington to Bangkok and Tokyo.

And it clearly showed that the group’s music has touched many CARATs’ (SEVENTEEN fans) hearts.

SEVENTEEN took third place as one of the most listened to K-Pop Male Groups and fifth place amongst K-Pop groups globally on Spotify’s 2022 Wrapped list.

But that’s not all. The group also took home awards for Best Performance for HOT at the 2023 Golden Disc Awards and for Singer of the Year at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards.

And now, not even a year later – nine months to be exact, the 13-member group is back with their brand of music and their 10th mini album, FML, to take over 2023.

Fun fact: This comeback isn’t the first time we’re hearing from SEVENTEEN this year. The group’s sub-unit, BSS (comprising of HOSHI, DK, and SEUNGKWAN), actually released their debut single album, SECOND WIND, in February 2023, with the title track, Fighting, which featured rapper and Show Me The Money season 11 winner, Lee Young Ji.

Here are five things we learnt about FML from our exclusive interview with SEVENTEEN:

#1 FML has not one, but two title tracks – F*ck My Life and Super.

According to main dancer HOSHI, this is the first time SEVENTEEN has released an album with two title tracks.

F*ck My Life has a steady and groovy hum-along-to beat that is the perfect accompaniment to the song’s emotional and relatable lyrics about feeling lost and wanting to find yourself once more.

While F*ck My Life soothes, Super goes hard with its fast and intense tempo. Even the dance choreography is high-energy and leaves no room for mistakes. Just like the lyrics, “We’ll never rest, every day… Don’t break till we make it”, SEVENTEEN is not looking back and will always keep moving forward.  

#2 Despite its name, the title track, F*ck My Life, is a song written to comfort CARATs.

“I feel that WOOZI did a great job in creating the lyrics in such an honest manner. He unraveled the message as it is, without any fabrication. So I hope CARATs can focus on relating to it and that it will be able to comfort them,” says leader S.COUPS.

On the other hand, main vocalist, DK, hopes that fans will sing along to the song. “I think the lyrics are really great, especially the lines, ‘Fight for my life’ and ‘In this f***king world, I’m the only stupid.’ I think being able to sing it together like this will be what stands out.”

#3 The album features sub-unit songs too.

Besides group songs, the six-track album includes three sub-unit performances as well. There’s Fire by the Hip-Hop team, I Don’t Understand But I Luv You by the Performance team and Dust by the Vocal team.

#4 FML is an album that focuses on moving forward together.

Without a doubt, SEVENTEEN and CARATs (SEVENTEEN fans) are stronger together. The album showcases the group’s energy and SEVENTEEN wants fans to know that “even if you have struggles, you can overcome them like us and move forward,” says HOSHI.

#5 SEVENTEEN has taken their dance synchronization to a whole new level with the Super music video.

According to DK, it was the first time the group had so many dancers on set. “About 240-250 people? It was our first time filming with that many people and it was a really great experience,” he says. DINO also remembers how great the synergy was, and despite the cold, everyone worked hard together.

But it was the thunderous sounds of the footwork that made the whole music video memorable for MINGYU. “You might not be able to feel it from the music video, but if you watch the behind-the-scenes, you’ll know that it was incredibly majestic.”

“When everyone was in sync, it felt like the ground was shaking,” adds DK.

CARATs will definitely gain energy from SEVENTEEN’s new comeback, FML.

And as you wait to see what the rest of 2023 holds for the group, don’t forget to check out Spotify’s This is SEVENTEEN playlist in the meantime.