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TAEYANG Is Back With Something New — And It’s A Total VIBE

(feat. Jimin of BTS)
BIGBANG’s TAEYANG makes his solo comeback with a new single featuring Jimin of BTS, and we’re here for it.

It’s been almost six years since TAEYANG released his last solo album, WHITE NIGHT, in 2017, and his single, LOUDER, was released just two months before he enlisted for mandatory military service in 2018. 

So when the BIGBANG member went dark on his social media accounts, deleting posts and photos in late October 2022, V.I.Ps (BIGBANG fans) went into a frenzy, sparking rumors that the singer was preparing for a much-anticipated comeback.

It wasn’t long before the teasers started coming. On January 3, TAEYANG hinted at something big coming our way in 2023. The next day, he released another huge announcement with a photo of himself and Jimin of BTS, along with details of the duo’s digital single, VIBE

In an interview with Spotify, TAEYANG shared that he wants a “fresh start as an artist” in 2023, and he truly delivered with VIBE boasting a blend of R&B, hip-hop, new jack swing and rock  — a style that we haven’t heard much from the idol. He adds that the song is “about being harmonious” and the connections between people and everything around us too. A fitting theme for the collaboration, perfectly executed in harmony with Jimin’s vocals.

In a week since the song was officially released on January 13, it achieved more than seventeen million streams on Spotify.

Loving the VIBE? Here are four things we’ve learnt from TAEYANG about the song and his music direction:

#1 The collaboration with Jimin was two years in the making, and it almost didn’t happen.

According to TAEYANG, the idea for the collab was suggested two years ago by TEDDY, producer and co-founder of THEBLACKLABEL, a YG Entertainment affiliate and TAEYANG’s new agency.

However, the pairing of TAEYANG and Jimin almost didn’t happen. TAEYANG had initially set up a group chat to invite Jimin to dinner to discuss working together. However, upon reaching the restaurant, he realised that he had invited the wrong Jimin to dinner. “There was someone [else] with the same name, so I had invited a different Jimin to this dinner.”

Lucky for the fans, he did meet Jimin of BTS after all, and the rest, as they say, is history.

#2 He’s put in a lot of effort to perfect the song.

As the first song he’s worked on and recorded in a while, TAEYANG admitted to spending more time and effort in the studio for VIBE. In fact, the singer re-recorded the song four to five times, adjusting the key and finding the right tone that would suit both his and Jimin’s voices.

#3 He vibes well with Jimin.

Jimin’s admiration for TAEYANG is no secret. But how does TAEYANG feel about Jimin? 

“I realised how similar we are, in the way we think and our character. He was way more passionate than me,” says TAEYANG. “And seeing that passion motivated me a lot, too. I learned a lot from this experience. It’s been a while [since I saw] that kind of drive, and I enjoyed it.”

#4 He still wants to shine bright like the sun.

Since his debut with BIGBANG back in 2006, TAEYANG’s dream has never wavered. Akin to the meaning behind his stage name, TAEYANG, which translates to “the sun”, the singer-songwriter wants to comfort and warm people through his music. “If they can feel and acquire something new from [my music], it would mean so much to me.”

VIBE with TAEYANG and check out more from the BIGBANG idol with the This is TAEYANG playlist.