On The Pulse

Wake Up To These Energy-Boosting K‑Pop Bops

From an instant confidence boost, to bops to power up your day, we’ve got eight energy-packed K‑Pop tunes to uplift your mood, anytime, anywhere.

Whether you need a jumpstart to the day or your daily dose of positivity, there’s nothing quite like the perfect bop for a hype-up to get your day going. 

To start your 2023 on the right note, we’ve got the tracks for you. Here are eight energy-boosting K-Pop bops to add to your playlist now. 

#1 NCT Dream’s Candy

This remake of H.O.T.’s 1996 hit is the bright and happy tune you need to start the year. From its upbeat hip-hop sounds to melodious vocals, the song is full of cheerful and sanguine vibes that will get both new and old K-Pop fans bopping along to.

#2 BTS’s Dope

When lazing in bed isn’t an option, this tune will get you moving and out the door in no time. An instant energy-booster, thanks to its bright vocals, punchy rap verses and infectious beats, you might not even need that coffee when you have this song in your playlist.


Turn up the volume and say a bright HELLO to your day with this lively EDM-dance pop tune. Its youthful vibe coupled with a tinge of retro and rock will supercharge you with the boost you need to start the morning.

#4 SuperM’s 100

If you’re looking for something to power up your day, this is it. With its big, techno-style beats and aggressive bass line, paired with Taeyong and Mark’s spit-fire raps, Baekhyun’s high notes and a catchy hook that goes “We go hundred!”, this is the tune that will get you pumped and ready in a jiffy.  

#5 Red Velvet’s Queendom

An empowering and uplifting anthem with lyrics reminding us that we’re kings and queens of our own lives, this is just the song you need to put that extra spring in your step. After a few listens, you’ll probably find it hard not to sing along too. 

#6 MOMOLAND’s BBoom BBoom

Contemplating that second cup of coffee on a slow morning? This bubbly and catchy song with its peppy chorus could be the energetic, mood-enhancing dose of energy you need. For an extra boost, dance to the song’s cutesy choreography to get your endorphins flowing.

#7 2NE1’s I Am The Best

It might have been more than a decade since its launch, but this 2011 2NE1 hit is still well-loved by K-Pop fans. Filled with swag and attitude, this hype song is sure to boost your self-confidence– morning, noon or night.

#8 Stray Kids Back Door

Ain’t no Monday blues here. It’s a rousing song that combines hip-hop, EDM and pop, along with an addictive bass line and thumping percussion beats. Just one listen and you’ll be raring to go!

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