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The Hottest May Comebacks We Can’t Stop Talking About

Here are the hottest comebacks we’re loving

A new month means new music to add to our playlist. This May, we’ve got five comebacks to get excited for.

#1: iKONFlashback

After a 14-month hiatus, iKON makes a comeback with their fourth mini album. According to the sextet, Flashback was chosen as an album title because they wanted it to represent the group’s past, present, and future through the experimentation of different musical styles within the five songs. And iKON definitely delivered with their title track, But You, a retro dance and synth-pop tune, unlike the group’s usual hip-hop heavy sound.

The members were also heavily involved in the album’s creation process. Rapper Bobby wrote the lyrics to all five songs in the online mini album, DK composed Dragon, For Real?, and Name, and Jay contributed to Dragon alongside Bobby and DK. 

The album also includes the track Gold, which was given to the group by Winner and fellow YG Entertainment mate, Yoon.

#2: TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s minisode2: Thursday’s Child

TOMORROW X TOGETHER is getting in touch with their “dark side” with the latest comeback, minisode2: Thursday’s Child. A continuation of the first chapter, minisode1: Blue Hour, minisode2 tells the story of heartbreak and its complex emotions after love sours. 

We’re loving how the album takes us through a journey of romantic grief with each track representing a different stage. The title track, Good Boy Gone Bad is one of anger with its menacing rock and assertive hip-hop beats. Lonely Boy (The Tattoo Ring On My Finger), sung by Yeonjun and Hueningkai, has a melancholic R&B beat, representing that feeling of being rock-bottom and playing a self-blame game. And Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go, sung by Beomgyu, Taehyun and Soobin, with its upbeat synth-pop speaks of acceptance with a glimmer of hope for the future. 

You also check out their Enhanced Album on the Spotify mobile app for exclusive content of the members.

#3: GOT7’s GOT7

In BamBam, we trust. The GOT7 member has been dropping spoilers about the group’s comeback since January. This self-titled EP marks the group’s first official comeback after amicably parting ways with JYP Entertainment in January 2021.

The title track, NANANA, written by leader Jay B, is a laidback and summery tune that showcases the members’ vocal tones. We’ll definitely be streaming this tune throughout summer, especially as the weather heats up.

#4: SEVENTEEN’s Face The Sun

CARATs, this is not a drill. SEVENTEEN has released their fourth full-length studio album, Face The Sun. Aptly titled, the album is a collection of SEVENTEEN’s personal stories and struggles, and their determination to overcome and face the challenges ahead, as shared during a press conference for the album. 

The title track, HOT, is a powerful one that talks about staying strong despite adversity. The music styling is also something we’ve never heard from the group before. It’s loud and energetic, somewhat like the members themselves. 

The album also features the pre-released English single, Darl+ing.

#5: NCT Dream’s Beatbox

Hot on the heels of the group’s successful Glitch Mode comeback in March, comes its repackage, Beatbox. The album, led by the title track Beatbox, will feature three other new tracks, To My First, Sorry Heart, and On The Way, along with the 11 previously released songs.

Beatbox is buoyant, upbeat, vibrant and addictive – it’s everything we look for in a title track. And of course, the beatboxing lends a dynamic element to the song too. From the get-go, this will get you grooving and bopping along, we guarantee it.

So which of these comebacks will you be adding to your playlist?