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SEVENTEEN’s SEUNGKWAN shares why he chose Harry Styles’ As It Was for his first-ever Spotify Singles

You’ve streamed the song and you’ve seen the music video. Now find out what SEVENTEEN’s SEUNGKWAN has to say about his As It Was cover.

Every CARAT (SEVENTEEN fan) knows that SEVENTEEN’s SEUNGKWAN is a huge Harry Styles fan. After all, he even covered Styles’ As It Was – this Summer’s number one song globally currently at over 1.3B streams on Spotify for his first-ever Spotify Singles release.

SEUNGKWAN takes us behind the scenes and shows us what went into making his film for As It Was.

SEUNGKWAN gives us a sneak peek of the set – look out for the room full of hanging mics!

But what does the SEVENTEEN main vocalist think of his As It Was cover? The idol tells us more about his song choice and shares what he’s got on his playlist in our exclusive interview.

SEUNGKWAN shares his thoughts on his first-ever Spotify Singles release

What made you decide on a Harry Styles’ cover?

SEUNGKWAN: I love Harry Styles’ third studio album, Harry’s House. In fact, I’ve got the entire album on repeat. The album conveys unique messages with contrasting genres, so I can choose a song from the album depending on how I feel that day.

So, as soon as I heard about the opportunity to cover a song for Spotify, I immediately said I would like to do a Harry Styles one.

I picked this particular song because when it comes to covers, I like to challenge myself with songs that are different from my usual genres and styles as an artist. And As It Was by Harry Styles has been my go-to song for the last couple of months, and it’s also a genre that I haven’t yet tried, so I did.

What message would you like to convey through this cover?

SEUNGKWAN: There are CARATs that love and wait for my covers of pop songs. So I hope they enjoy this one as much as I did. I would also like this cover to be one of the more memorable covers for Harry Styles’ fans as well.

Besides Harry’s House, what’s your favourite Spotify playlist to listen to?

SEUNGKWAN: There’s nothing like Spotify’s New Music Friday when someone is looking for new tracks to listen to from around the world. I think the biggest strength of Spotify is that there are countless playlists that match your mood and feelings. For any occasion, such as going out for a drive, exercising, or just needing a rest, you can simply look for playlists that complement how you feel that day.

As the main vocalist of SEVENTEEN, what’s your all-time favorite SEVENTEEN track?

SEUNGKWAN: I adore all of our songs. But at this moment, I will choose Rock With You as it captures SEVENTEEN’s energy as artists really well.

What’s the most underrated SEVENTEEN B-side that you wish more people would listen to?

SEUNGKWAN: There are tracks like Anyone, Do Re Mi, and Say Yes, which exhibit different sides of SEVENTEEN. They contain different genres and styles musically as well, so I think people will enjoy listening to these tracks.

You’re currently busy with SEVENTEEN’s Be The Sun world tour. What’s your pre-performance ritual like?

SEUNGKWAN: I’ve been showering with cold water lately as a pre-performance ritual. It refreshes my body and spirit, so I’d recommend showering with cold water if you’ve something important ahead.C

Excited to see the finished product? Watch SEUNGKWAN’s video of his first ever Spotify Singles and his latest cover of Harry Styles’ As It Was.