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SEVENTEEN’s SEUNGKWAN covers Harry Styles’ “As It Was” for his first-ever Spotify Singles release

Harry Styles fan, SEVENTEEN’s SEUNGKWAN releases a Spotify Singles, a cover of this Summer’s global No.1, "As It Was", and we’re here for it.

It’s no secret that SEVENTEEN’s SEUNGKWAN is a Harry Styles fan. He has Harry’s Sign of the Times in his [SEVENTEEN] SEUNGKWAN: dj boo#2 playlist and even sang an acapella rendition of the song on Lee Mujin’s show, Lee Mujin Service.

The SEVENTEEN vocal powerhouse is also known for his rendition of song covers, that span from Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s Drawing our Moments to Lizzo’s Juice with Lee Young Ji. Now, SEUNGKWAN is adding another cover to his list with his Spotify Singles release of Harry’s As It Was. And it’s fitting too, because As It Was was the number one top Summer song globally, clocking in a whopping 610M streams over the last 3 months1 on Spotify.

Even better yet, we have an exclusive look at the music video to double your pleasure.

As It Was – a cover by SEUNGKWAN

It’s all dreamy and chill vibes with its cotton-filled backdrop and a SEUNGKWAN nod to quintessential Harry Style with a pastel lime green linen suit and colorful crochet knitted cardigan paired with an equally colorful beaded necklace.

Can’t get enough of SEUNGKWAN and his latest cover? Watch this space for an exclusive interview — get up close and personal as he shares more about his music and some behind-the-scenes moments.

In the meantime, listen to SEVENTEEN SEUNGKWAN’s version of As It Was.

1 Between May 29 and August 29, 2022