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NMIXX Makes A Comeback with expérgo

Bonus: The girls of NMIXX share their favorite tunes as they take over Spotify’s Idol Lounge alongside the release of their first mini album.

LILY, HAEWON, SULLYOON, BAE, JIWOO and KYUJIN, better known as NMIXX, are bringing their brand of MIXX POP back with their latest release, expérgo.

Comprising six new songs, this is the group’s first mini album following their 2022 single albums, AD MARE and ENTWURF. And as the girls continue to showcase their own unique colour and identity as a group, their talent shines through. 

Having released a teaser of what’s to come a week prior, NMIXX dropped the pre-release single, Young, Dumb, Stupid, on March 13, 2023. The fun, upbeat track samples the popular French nursery rhyme, Frère Jacques, also known as Brother John, making it a catchy earworm.

And the energy follows through to expérgo. Just take the album’s title track, Love Me Like This: from bouncy raps to R&B-styled pop vocals and the girls’ amazing harmonies, this up-tempo, toe-tapping tune truly shines as it brings fans into the era of MIXX POP. 

Special mention also goes out to My Gosh, co-written by former IZ*ONE member and soloist JO YURI. It’s a dreamy tune that will have you thinking of spring-filled days and warm sunshine on your skin.

Listen to expérgo

Ready to dive deep into the world of MIXX POP? Why not discover the girls’ music tastes while you’re at it? Just like their labelmate TWICE, NMIXX has taken over Spotify’s Idol Lounge with this latest comeback.

In addition to their new tracks from expérgo, this Idol Lounge playlist features a curation of the girls’ favourite songs, and personal audio clips with each member sharing the reasons behind their selections. 

It’s a fun mix of K-Pop hits like IU’s Lullaby, BLACKPINK’s Yeah Yeah Yeah, TWICE’s Perfect World and BSS’s Fighting (featuring Lee Young Ji), as well as Western music including Taylor Swift’s cardigan, Dua Lipa’s Levitating and Troye Sivan’s 10/10.

In particular, Bae recommends Sam Smith’s Love Me More, a song that she loves for its beautiful melody. Jiwoo on the other hand picked fellow K-Pop idol and soloist KIMSEJEONG’s Tunnel. It’s a song that gives her strength, and she hopes that NSWERs (NMIXX fans) will too, gain strength when they listen to it. As for Haewon, she chose Kim Yuna’s The Road – a tune that she used to practise to as a trainee.


Can’t get enough of NMIXX? The good news is, NSWERs will be able to see the members IRL soon! 

The group will be embarking on their very first showcase tour. The NICE TO MIXX YOU tour will see the girls visiting fans in various cities in the US before heading down to Asia with stops in Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Philippines.