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NMIXX Is The Rising Rookie Group To Watch

JYP Entertainment’s newest “7-7-7 all ace” group, NMIXX, is a fresh blend of “MIXX Pop” and girl power.

Meet NMIXX, JYP Entertainment’s newest rookie girl group. The septet officially debuted in February this year with a fierce and unique single, O.O, and became Spotify’s first RADAR Korea Spotlight Artist for 2022.

These girls have been on K-Pop fans’ radars since they were first introduced in 2021 with their pre-debut video project, JYPn. 

Who is NMIXX?

Standing, from left to right: BAE, Jiwoo, Jinni, Lily, and Sullyoon
Front, from left to right: Kyujin and Haewon

The group comprises seven members: Lily, Haewon Sullyoon, Jinni, BAE, Jiwoo, and Kyujin. The “N” in their name stands for “now,” or “new,” and the unknown variable “n,” and “mix” stands for diversity, which you can definitely hear in their music.

Unlike other groups in which members have designated positions, such as main vocal, lead dancer, and visual, NMIXX is a group of all-rounders. JYP calls them a “7-7-7 all ace” group, made up of seven vocals, seven dancers, and seven visuals — all equally talented in everything that makes a K-Pop idol.

It hasn’t even been a year since the girls debuted, but they’ve already taken their music to the global stage. In May, the group made their international debut performance at the 2022 KCON Premiere in Chicago, and returned for the festival in LA in August.  

But that’s not all. The rookie girl group will also be attending KCON Japan in Tokyo, from October 14-16. 

A Spotify Exclusive interview with NMIXX

NMIXX gives the inside scoop on their debut and what it’s like working together.

What’s the NMIXX Sound?

O.O, the title track of their debut album Ad Mare, is an unpredictable mix of genres, or what the group is calling “MIXX Pop,” a music style that’s uniquely theirs. According to BAE, the song symbolizes their “eyes being wide open after peeking into the unknown” and an invitation to their fans to join them on an “incredible journey.”

When you first hear O.O, it sounds like a three-song mash-up, with distinct hip-hop, pop-rock, and electro-pop sections. It opens with a powerful rap before moving into edgy vocals, blending heavy bass notes and percussion.

Even the music video takes us on a fantastical journey, from a desolate, post-apocalyptic landscape to a colorful bubblegum universe, complete with holographic fish, flying donuts, and islands in the sky. In fact, the latter reminds us a little of K-Park on Spotify Island. The video ends with the girls dancing under the neon lights of a modern city. Jinni shares that it was her first time doing wire action work for the music video, making the debut track even more memorable for her. “It was a very new experience and I had so much fun,” she says.

The girls keep the big beats going with their B-side track, Tank. If you’re looking for something to put a little pep in your step as you go about your day, this is the song you need. In the interview with Spotify’s For The Record RADAR Korea, the group shared that the song is all about showing the fans their strong, “tank-like confidence” and how they want listeners to feel “the same powerful energy” that drives them.

But NMIXX is not all fierce and edgy. The girls have a softer side, lending their vocals to Hey Gabby!, a fun tune from the Korean version of the kids’ Netflix series, Gabby’s Dollhouse.

Beyond the Debut

NMIXX has definitely been keeping busy. In addition to all that travelling, the group also found time to participate in Project Re:Born’s Summer Vacation Project — a remake project where artists cover past K-Pop hits. They recently dropped their digital release of Rainbow’s Kiss, an uplifting bop that’s perfect for sunshine-filled days.

And in keeping with the group’s lucky number seven, the girls will also be making their first comeback seven months after their debut with the album ENTWURF, to be released on September 19. Like Ad Mare, it’ll have two songs: title track DICE and B-side COOL (Your rainbow), along with instrumental versions. 

With such versatility and a fun, new MIXX Pop sound, NMIXX is definitely a rookie group to watch.

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