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LE SSERAFIM is making a statement with their first studio album, UNFORGIVEN

It’s sometimes hard to believe that LE SSERAFIM debuted just about a year ago. 

From being one of the most anticipated girl group debuts of 2022, the quintet, comprising Chaewon, Sakura, Eunchae, Kazuha and Yunjin, made major waves in their rookie year. They championed their fearless identity, established their unique sound, and eventually rounded off the year placing as the 8th most streamed K-Pop Female Group of Spotify Wrapped 2022. 

Did You Know?

LE SSERAFIM is an anagram for “I’m Fearless”

Now, with the release of their debut solo album UNFORGIVEN, LE SSERAFIM is once again showing that they are a force to be reckoned with. Led by the single of the same name, UNFORGIVEN features Nile Rodgers, the legendary producer behind some of pop’s most iconic tracks including Le Freak by Chic, Like a Virgin by Madonna, and Get Lucky by Daft Punk. The track marks Rodgers’ debut into the K-Pop realm and another feather in the cap for LE SSERAFIM. 

Featuring a catchy guitar riff that sets the tone for the rest of the track and commanding lyrics that dismiss judgement, UNFORGIVEN calls on FEARNOTS to embrace their true selves and not let the opinions of others hold them back. It’s a fitting title track for the album, which as a whole makes a statement about the group’s new goals as they step into their new era as artists who are unafraid of breaking taboos. 

Listen to UNFORGIVEN on Spotify. 

In an interview with Spotify, we had the girls of LE SSERAFIM share more about UNFORGIVEN and the making of the album. Here are three things you should know. 

#1 UNFORGIVEN is another expression of LE SSERAFIM’S fearlessness

Jennifer: UNFORGIVEN is the title song for our first studio album, UNFORGIVEN, and it talks about how we’re going to confidently walk our own path despite the judgement and prejudice of the world. 

#2 There’s a dedication to FEARNOTs

When asked to share their favorite track from the album, Eunchae named FEARNOT (Between you, me and the lamppost). “It is a song in which all five members participated in writing the lyrics to express our sincere feelings towards our FEARNOT,” said Eunchae.

#3 At the end of the day, they want to have fun with FEARNOTs

Kazuha: In our two previous albums, we showed off a very cool and confident side of ourselves. For this album, I’d like people to see the performance and think, “This makes me smile” or “They look like they’re having fun”. Let’s have fun together! 

Head to the playlist clips on K-Pop ON! (via mobile) for the full interview, and a glimpse of the group’s ending fairy and favourite selfie pose! The playlist clips are up for a limited time only.

Can’t get enough of LE SSERAFIM? 

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