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Get READY TO BE With TWICE’s Latest Comeback

TWICE talks about their 12th mini album and how they’ve grown. We also got them to share their favorite tunes!

Just seven months after BETWEEN 1&2, a 2022 comeback, TWICE is back! The group just dropped their 12th mini album, READY TO BE, and it’s clear that the girls did not come to play.

They started off the year with the launch of their pre-release single, MOONLIGHT SUNRISE, gifting ONCE (the TWICE fandom) a sleek R&B song that’s brimming with self-assurance and cool coquettish-ness. Did you know? The track is the group’s second all-English single following the 2021 smash hit, The Feels.

Fast forward to the present, and we’re celebrating the release of TWICE’s seven-track comeback. 


Continuing in theme from MOONLIGHT SUNRISE, the mini album reflects boldness and an air of self-confidence. And we’re here for it. 

Just take the album’s title track, SET ME FREE as an example. With both Korean and English versions produced, the funky, upbeat tune with disco vibes starts with lyrics that go “I want it all and I ain’t ever gonna settle”. Together with its catchy chorus, it had us tapping our toes along from the get-go. 

To learn more about the new album and how they’ve grown since their debut in 2015, we sat down with TWICE for an exclusive chat during their visit to Spotify’s New York office. 

Q: What’s READY TO BE all about?

MINA The album is about breaking through the many views and prejudices of the world and being ready to show my true self!

Q: Did any member work on a song for the new album?

DAHYUN I penned the lyrics for BLAME IT ON ME and CRAZY STUPID LOVE. BLAME IT ON ME is a song with very fierce guitar sounds, so I wrote the lyrics thinking that it’ll be really cool to perform at a concert. CRAZY STUPID LOVE is a song that the members really like too. I wrote the lyrics for it with a happy heart.

Q: Any memorable moments from the recent 2023 Billboard Women in Music Awards?

DAHYUN Whenever we were shown on the big screen, I was so thankful to hear ONCE cheering loudly for us. I’m also so grateful that so many ONCEs came, and when we were performing, they even sang along. And since this was the first foreign award ceremony that we attended overseas, it was even more meaningful.

NAYEON I was surprised when people around me who don’t know or aren’t interested in K-Pop heard the news and congratulated me. I realized that we could become more known through receiving this award.

Did you know? TWICE not only performed MOONLIGHT SUNRISE at the 2023 Billboard Women in Music Awards, but were also honored with the award for Breakthrough Artist.

Q: How has your music evolved since debut till now?

NAYEON Overall, we’ve improved a lot. Firstly, our voices have really improved, and individually we have improved as well.

SANA And the foreign members’ pronunciations have gotten better. The pronunciations in our first song… (she trails off with a sheepish laugh)

JIHYO I always felt our B-side tracks were limited, but now, the quality of the B-side tracks have gotten really great too.

NAYEON In the past, our concepts were very limited, so our range of sounds and techniques were narrow. But now, I think it’s gotten wider and we were able to learn various genres.

SANA That’s why concerts are so much more fun now.

NAYEON It’s really nice that we can express ourselves with more variety.

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More Coming Up From TWICE

TWICE is now gearing up for a busy year ahead. They will embark on their fifth world tour, which will kick off in Seoul on April 15 and 16, 2023. The READY TO BE tour will also see the group visiting ONCE in Sydney, Melbourne, Seattle, Houston, New York, and Toronto, among many other cities — and with more to come.

At the same time, the group’s Japanese members – Sana, Momo and Mina (affectionately dubbed MISAMO), are also gearing up for their sub-unit debut. The trio is slated to release a Japanese mini-album with all-original songs in July this year.

Can’t Get Enough of TWICE? 

In the meantime, why not check out all the songs that TWICE is listening to?

Available now till March 19, 2023, Idol Lounge: TWICE features 21 songs, specially curated by the girls, including tracks from their discography like GOT THE THRILLS and LOVE FOOLISH, as well as tunes by some of their favorite artists like Beyoncé, Halsey, and Coco & Clair Clair. You’ll also be able to listen to audio messages from the members about their song choices.

Some interesting picks include Carla Bruni’s Moon River, chosen by JEONGYEON. She finds this tune particularly lovely to hear in the mornings. MINA chose COIN’s Brad Pitt because it is a comforting song with an exciting melody.