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From Wonder Girl to Reigning K‑Pop Queen, This is Why We Stan SUNMI

With her emotionally complex lyrics, catchy tunes, and iconic choreography, it’s no wonder SUNMI is one of K‑Pop’s reigning queens.

If there’s a K-Pop artist that’s known for her resilience, it would have to be SUNMI.

No matter how tough her life has been, SUNMI has never let it get in the way of her path to success. She became a K-Pop idol trainee to support her family when her father was diagnosed with cancer when she was just 12. Then at 15, she debuted as one of the most popular girl groups in the noughties, before doubling down and going on to be a successful solo artist after the group disbanded.

It’s no surprise then that the singer was tapped to be the first Asian and K-Pop representative in March this year for the first-ever EQUAL x Spotify Singles project, an initiative to celebrate women. As part of the project, she released the digital single, Oh Sorry Ya, which is a reflection of the resilience that she has built over the years. She even likens it to a conversation between the old SUNMI and SUNMI 2.0. And according to SUNMI, the team that worked on the song was an all-women one, from lyrics to production and choreography too.

Oh Sorry Ya by SUNMI

SUNMI 2.0’s star continues to rise, as she was the first K-Pop artist to have her own Roblox avatar in Spotify Island’s K-Park. And now with new album, Heart Burn, she’s all set for a new world tour, Good Girl Gone Mad, where she’ll meet Miya-nes (SUNMI fans) across Europe, North America, and South Korea.

Here’s more of why We Stan SUNMI.

SUNMI, The Wonder Girl

While many know her as a prominent K-Pop soloist, SUNMI actually got her big K-Pop break 15 years ago when she debuted as part of the iconic girl group, Wonder Girls under JYP Entertainment in 2007.

The girl group, famous for its ’60s-inspired tune, Nobody, had achieved global fame and even toured North America with the Jonas Brothers in 2009 as an opening act alongside Honor Society and American Idol winner, Jordin Sparks.

In 2010, SUNMI chose to prioritize her mental health and hit a pause on her music career to pursue her studies instead. However, she couldn’t stay away from music for long. After her studies, SUNMI started to explore a solo career with her first single, 24 Hours, and even rejoined the Wonder Girls before the group disbanded in 2017.


Today, SUNMI has created her own sub-genre, SUNMI Pop, a blend of upbeat retro-sounding melodies and rhythms inspired by her love for songs from yesteryears. You can hear this in her hits You Can’t Sit With Us, Tail, and Heroine.

SUNMI’s music is more than just Pop style. Her songs are emotionally complex and often based on her life experiences. Siren can be seen as a “warning” towards her critics who have shamed her for her weight and looks, while Noir focuses on the toxicity of social media.

She’s also fond of using metaphors and double meanings in her song titles and lyrics. In her song, Gashina, she embodies her love for duality as she sings and dances about lost love, switching between despair and rage.

But perhaps SUNMI’s most honest song ever written is Borderline, where she sings about her struggle with mental health. In her interview on the podcast Spotify: Mic Check, she shared that the song not only expresses her raw feelings, but the lyrics were also written to comfort anyone going through the same ordeal.

Stronger Than Ever

SUNMI is stronger and more in control of her music journey than ever before. Since striking out on her own, she has become more actively involved in the music creation process, co-writing lyrics and producing her own songs, such as Tail, Pporappippam and Childhood.

After 12 years in the business, it’s clear that SUNMI isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

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