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Faces Of K‑Pop: One Fan Shares Her Favorite Things About the Genre

K‑Pop transcends regional boundaries, languages and cultures. And even a pandemic didn’t stop K‑Pop fans from turning ON! the movement.

Today, K-Pop is a global phenomenon with K-artists selling out concerts from North and South America to Europe, the Middle East and of course, Asia.

Evidently, geographical boundaries and age can’t stop, and won’t stop fans from listening to their favorite K-Pop tunes. In fact, Spotify’s K-Pop ON! (온) playlist has fans from all over the world tuning in for their fix of the latest K-Pop bops.  

One such fan is Nazla Alifa Senia, an Indonesian model and social media influencer, who discovered the K-Pop universe during the pandemic. She shares her K-Pop journey with us:

How long have you been a K-Pop fan?

Nazla: I’ve been a K-Pop fan since 2020. I’ve known about the genre for a very long time, but it was only in the last two years that I really got into the genre as a fan. I wouldn’t say I’m a hardcore K-Pop stan, but more of a general fan: I love the genre, culture and of course, the artists!

How did you get started?

Nazla: The pandemic forced me to stay at home and with that, my routine changed completely. I had the time to watch tons of videos on YouTube and happened to chance upon a BTS music video. That would become the start of my journey in discovering K-Pop music, and I fell in love with the culture and became a fan.

What was your first K-pop earworm?

Nazla: Mikrokosmos by BTS –  the beats got me hooked! It is also the perfect remedy for a somber day.

Who’s your ultimate bias or group?

Nazla: At first, BTS was my ultimate bias, but now, I’m more of a multi-stan. Though I still love the group as much, I’ve also come to really appreciate other groups, such as NCT 127, SuperM, EXO, and SEVENTEEN. It’s hard to choose just one; I love them all equally! Their lively and powerful dance moves make me love them so much, and not to mention their stage performances, which never disappoints. To me, their close connections with fans also make them special.

What’s your current go-to K-Pop song?

Nazla: Designer by NCT 127. I can’t stop listening to it, it’s too good!

What’s the biggest or craziest thing you’ve done in the name of K-Pop?

Nazla: I went all the way to the US twice for a K-Pop concert, and I paid ten times the original ticket price for it! I think that’s pretty crazy.

What do you think makes K-Pop inclusive, for everyone?

Nazla: I think K-Pop really brings everyone closer together. When we’re all here for K-Pop, it doesn’t matter what your background is – everyone is equal. 

From what I’ve seen, K-Pop has helped a lot of communities come together, and help each other out in times of need. I really love how meaningful and impactful K-Pop projects can be – from charity work or celebrating a group’s anniversary or a member’s birthday. I think that’s just beautiful!

How has K-Pop touched your life?

Nazla: K-Pop has helped me through sad and tough times, or whenever I’m bored and need something to lift my mood and spirit. 

Where do you go to listen to the latest K-Pop songs?

Nazla: K-Pop ON! (온), of course!

What’s your favorite K-Pop playlist on Spotify?

Nazla: My personal playlist because it has all my favourite songs, like Mikrokosmos, as well as Stay Gold and Make it Right by BTS.