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Discover More To The Music from South Korea with JUNNY

Tune into this episode of Spotify: Discover This and join some of the biggest names in the industry for a dive deep into the K-Music scene.

It comes as no surprise that K-Pop is now the seventh-largest music market on the planet. After all, it’s hard not to love its infectious energy, creativity and highly addictive beats. Just look at the 4.5 million followers on Spotify’s K-Pop ON! (온) playlist, and how it saw over 700 million streams in the last year alone. 

So if you’re a K-Pop stan and are now curious to discover more to the music from South Korea, this one’s for you. 

In the latest Spotify: Discover This episode, some of the biggest names in Korean Hip Hop (K-Hop) are bringing listeners on a musical journey to uncover the different sides to K-music beyond K-Pop. Join host Lea Palmieri and her co-host for the episode, singer-songwriter JUNNY as they speak to a star-studded guest line-up about K-music, its evolution and where it is headed.

Find out how Korean Hip Hop has evolved over the past two decades from the likes of the godfather and godmother of K-Hop, Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae, K-Hop and K-Pop idol Jay Park, and rapper pH-1. Hear from R&B soloist, Sam Kim himself, about the rise and success of the K-R&B genre, and learn about how soundtrack music – or OSTs – have become a genre in itself in Korea. 

If one thing’s for sure, the K-Wave is here to stay.

If that got you all ready to experience the music, be sure to check out our list of K-Hop songs to add to your personal playlist, or tune into these playlists on Spotify: K-Pop ON! (온), KrOWN, TrenChill K-R&B, Best of Korean Soundtracks.

We guarantee there’s something for every music lover.