On Record

Create Spotify Blend playlists with BTS and other artists

Find out what your K‑Pop biases are listening to with smartly curated Spotify Blend playlists.

Ever dreamt of creating a playlist with BTS? That dream is now a reality with Spotify Blend.

A Blend playlist smartly curates your current earworms with that of others into a shared playlist that is updated every day based on what you and your Blend fam have been streaming. This evolving playlist creates a shared listening experience and is a great way to discover new music.

We especially love the latest feature that allows us to create Blend playlists with select artists, including K-Pop groups, BTS and AB6IX. Not only do we get to listen to what our favourite K-Pop idols are listening to, but we also get to find out just how similar our music tastes are with a Blend “taste match” profile. We’re at 80% with BTS. How about you?

Create your Blend playlists

To create the artist Blend playlist, visit the artist page on Spotify, scroll down to the “Artist Pick” section, and voila, you have a unique “BTS +” or “AB6IX +” playlist. 

When it comes to friends, the process is a little different. So, here’s how you can Blend with friends.

Step 1: Create and Invite

Open your Spotify app and type “Blend” into the Search tab. Then hit “Invite” to select up to 10 friends to blend with. You will then be able to send a customised message along with the invite.

Step 2: Blend It

Once your friends have accepted the invite, the app will smartly generate your unique Blend playlist. It will include streamed songs and genres you have in common, as well as new recommendations that sync with everyone’s music preferences. It’s perfect for your next party so no one’s calling dibs on the playlist.

Step 3: Listen and Share

Don’t just keep the joys of Blend to yourself. Once the new playlist has been created, check out your Blend story and share what song brings your Blend fam together. 

It’s a fun way to not only discover new artists and songs, but also to understand your chingus (friends in Korean) better. So, what are you waiting for? Time to start Blending!