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Calling All ENGENES! Here’s What The Boys Of ENHYPEN Are Listening To

From the mesmerizing soundscape of Dark Blood, to the chill, catchy and trendy - ENHYPEN is letting ENGENES in on some of their favorite tunes.

ENHYPEN have done it once again: following the release of their latest mini album Dark Blood, the boys have ENGENES (ENHYPEN fans) under their spell with a hauntingly beautiful collection of tracks. 

Not only did its title track, Bite Me, rack up over 7 million Spotify streams in less than a week; but various songs from the album have also reached Spotify’s Daily Top Songs chart in several countries including South Korea, the Philippines, Australia and Canada. 

For more to your daily dose of ENHYPEN, we had JUNGWON, HEESUNG, JAY, JAKE, SUNGHOON, SUNOO and NI-KI take over Spotify’s Idol Lounge to give you a peek into some of their favorite songs while you continue to dive into the depths of Dark Blood. 

Available for a limited time only, ENHYPEN’s Idol Lounge playlist includes 21 songs and audio messages from each of the members. In addition to their favourites from Dark Blood, the selection also features tunes by artists like SZA, JVKE, Post Malone, and Korean artists like SEVENTEEN and SOLE

Fun Fact: Did you know that JAY’s taste in music hasn’t changed over the years? He shared his preference for rock music in a 2020 interview with Teen Vogue, so it doesn’t surprise us that his selection features Stay Young, Whatever and Don’t Look Back in Anger by Oasis

The same can be said for JUNGWON too. In the same interview, he talked about gravitating towards brighter sounds, and today, the leader of the group has included Mae Muller’s So annoying, and SOLE’s Slow in the playlist. 

Ready to tune in to the beat of ENHYPEN? Listen to Idol Lounge: ENHYPEN today. 

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