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BTS’ Jimin Talks About His Solo Album, FACE

Bonus: Watch Jimin in action as we bring you exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from his shoot with Spotify

After weeks of teasers, the moment all ARMYs have been waiting for is finally here! Jimin of BTS has just released his highly anticipated solo album, FACE

Just a week prior to this, Jimin made major waves with the launch of his pre-release single, Set Me Free Pt. 2, on March 17. From its bold lyrics to its grand instrumentals, and edgy and intense choreography, Jimin’s work on Set Me Free Pt. 2 had fans captivated by his expression as a solo artist, and the song broke through to Spotify’s Global Daily Top Songs the day of its release, debuting at #6. In just one week, it has amassed over 26m streams on the platform. 

With lyrics that go, “Look at me now, I won’t hide anymore, even if it hurts,” Set Me Free Pt. 2 served as a fitting prelude to FACE, setting the tone ahead of its full release. 

Comprising five songs, all of which were co-written by Jimin, and one instrumental track, FACE tells the story of how Jimin is facing himself as he stands at a new starting point of his career. It signals his leap forward as an artist, showcasing his growth and a different side to his craft – and we’re here for it. 

Did you know?

The tracks Like Crazy, both its Korean and English versions, and Face-off, were co-written by BTS band-mate, RM!

In an interview with Spotify, we caught up with Jimin himself to talk about the making of the music and the meaning it holds. Here are three things you should know about FACE. 

#1 FACE is an honest expression of Jimin’s feelings 

Jimin: It contains my honest feelings that I felt during the pandemic. Like the title, FACE, it tells the story of how I faced myself and finally stood at a new starting point. 

This is my first album and it reflects who I am. I hope the listeners can see that with these feelings and intentions: this is how he established his own songs. I didn’t start with any grand motive, so I will try to show you better versions of myself in the future.

#2 There’s a dedication to BTS

Jimin: The main track, Like Crazy, is a synth-pop song. It’s about the painful feeling of losing oneself while searching for a loved one in a dream, but still wanting to stay in the dream forever. The inspiration came from one of my favorite movies, ‘Like Crazy’, [and] it has the same title as my main track. 

I wanted all the songs to be communicated well, but notably in Like Crazy, the last part that says, “I want to stay in this dream” … is basically what I wanted to express most in this album. My feelings are portrayed well. So I like this line the best. 

When asked about the dream he wants to stay in forever, Jimin revealed: It’s BTS, frankly. I want to stay in this dream that is BTS for a long time. 

#3 From lyrics to choreography, FACE reflects Jimin’s unwavering dedication to his craft 

Jimin: Including the choreography, I participated in a lot of different areas for this album, and put in the effort to make it as fun and great as possible.

I lived with the songwriters and producer who worked on the album during the production of it. I saw them so often so the whole process was so much fun and very meaningful to me. So those memories still linger now. 

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