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10 Songs To Spark those Holiday and Christmas Feels

From the cozy and downtempo to the fun and upbeat, we’ve got you covered with ten tunes for the holiday season.

Nothing gets us in the mood for Christmas and the year-end festivities like music does. Think sleigh bells, feel-good melodies, and lyrics that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

No matter how you spend the year-end holidays, snug as a bug in a rug in winter or soaking up the sun by the beach, here are the songs to add to your Christmas playlist.

#1 IVE’s After Like (Holiday remix) 

DIVEs (IVE fans) will love this remixed version of the group’s hit. The song’s been given a Christmas-y lift with bells and chimes — and it’s definitely getting us in the holiday mood.

#2 EXO’s The First Snow

This song may have been released in 2013, but when the first snow falls in South Korea each year, it’s the perfect song for the occasion. The chill vibes of the acoustic guitar, soft sleigh bells, and the harmonious vocals of the boys make this a must-have on any winter playlist.

#3 BTS V’s Christmas Tree

This soulful tune won many hearts when it first played in K-drama Our Beloved Summer, which stars one of V’s close friends, Choi Woo Sik. With V’s heartfelt vocals and soothing guitar refrains, the ballad has all the feels of a classic Christmas tune and is sure to dispel any holiday blues.

#4 TWICE’s The Best Thing I Ever Did

With soft bells chiming and a lilting piano melody, TWICE’s hit has all the makings of a classic Christmas rom-com soundtrack. The ballad from their 2018 album The year of “YES” is 100% sugar and perfect for a snuggle by the fireplace. 

#5 LeeHi’s For You (Holiday Remix)

LeeHi’s For You gets a festive twist, making this beautiful R&B track even more season perfect. Fun fact: LeeHi was the first Korean artist to take part in the Spotify Singles: Holiday Collection with this track in 2021.

#6 Red Velvet’s Wish Tree

Those sleigh bells in the track’s opening instantly transports us to a wintry wonderland. Accompanied by the members’ rich and emotive vocals, we’re sure that ReVeluvs (Red Velvet fans) will be listening to this on repeat during the winter season.

#7 LABOUM’s Winter Story

The Disney-like orchestral opening of this song will instantly lift spirits. The tune is cute, fun, and will make you feel like you’re the hero or heroine of your own winter fairy tale.

#8 GOT7’s Miracle

For a winter song, this ticks all the right boxes. Miracle is a stripped down, piano-led track with a delicate melody and harmony-rich vocals — but inherently GOT7 with a soft rap that gives this sentimental ballad a bit of an edge.

#9 Stray Kids Christmas EveL

Eschewing the typical winter ballad, Stray Kids is determined to have fun during the holidays with this Christmas-themed hip-hop track. This light-hearted song will get you singing and rapping along, especially when the boys sing “Jingle, jingle, jingle all the way. You got me spinning.”

#10 SOLE’s merry merry

If you’re into R&B and lo-fi tunes, then SOLE’s merry merry is a must for your winter playlist. SOLE’s mesmerizing vocals stand out against the subtle festive instrumentation of merry merry, making this song perfect for a romantic night in.

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