On The Pulse

10 feel-good bops for every summer adventure

Have some fun in the sun and get into that “no work, all play” mood with these 10 summer tunes.

Sun’s out, fun’s out. Whether you’re kicking back and chilling by the pool, going on an island cruise, or tanning by the beach, we’ve got some summer bops perfect for that “no work, all play” mood.

1. For That Beach Picnic

Listen to SSAK3’s Beach Again

With a little bit of disco and a whole lotta ’90s vibes, let this dance tune take you to carefree days frolicking by the water with the wind caressing your cheeks and blowing through your hair.

2. When You’re Hanging 10

Listen to WINNER’s Island

With a Latin-esque, tropical beat, Island puts us in the mood for turquoise waters and salty sea air. You’ll definitely want to be riding the waves to this one.

3. On A Resort Vacay

Listen to Red Velvet’s Red Flavor

It’s bright, bubbly, catchy, and peppy — everything we love in a summer anthem. We dare you not to get up and dance.

4. While Swinging In A Hammock

Listen to The Boyz’s Sweet

If you need more reason to kick back with a cherry sour this season, this song is sure to get you in the mood. With its addictive beat and great R&B groove, you’ll be singing along as the lyrics go, “…put your feet up, and relax…”.

5. For the All-Day Pool Party

Listen to Kep1er’s Up!

Kep1er wants to take Kep1ians (Kep1er fans) on a sun-filled, poolside vacay. This fun bop will definitely get you off the deck chair and ready to dance the day away.

6. When Cruising and Island Hopping

Listen to ATEEZ’s Wave

This is your anthem for yacht parties and sails across the seas. We love its chill, tropical pop sounds, and its infectious hook with The Lion King-inspired lyrics will have you singing “Hakuna Matata” (no problems) long after you return to shore.

7. While Glamping With Girlfriends

Listen to LOONA’s Flip That

A fun and fresh track from the group’s latest comeback album, Flip That feels like an extra dose of sunshine when hanging with the girls.

8. On An Endless Road Trip

Listen to SHINee’s View

This smooth dance track, with its easy-going rhythm and laid-back tune, is the perfect companion for long scenic drives. Wind down the window and turn up the volume for maximum feels.

9. At A Rooftop BBQ

Listen to TWICE’s Alcohol-Free

This light bossa nova track will have you swirling in the chill vibes of a summer’s night. Choose from one of the drinks in the song – tequila, margarita, pina colada – and watch the sunset with your besties. 

10. For An Ice Cream Escape

Listen to BLACKPINK’s Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez)

Keep cool with this pop/hip-hop track. Its catchy and playful lyrics, like “ice cream chillin’ chillin’”, will be stuck in your head all summer.

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